Block co-generation DHW and heating / cooling

Short description:

Sizes: 380 * 300 * 150 mm
Weight: 5.8 kg.
Power supply: 220
Rated power: 50 W
Max. working pressure: 10 bar
Max. water temperature: 75 ° C


520 $.

тепловой насос с горячей водой
тепловой насос с горячей водой
схема отопления
Three-way valve is specifically designed for use with heat pumps DanHeat.It can work in heating domestic hot water, heating or cooling mode.By adding the three-way valve in the heat pump, the system can be switched between between "heating" +" GVS"," chilling" +" GVS", in the automatic or manual mode.Block co-generation DHW and heating / cooling is a compact product which solves a lot of problems, for example:in summer it allows you to prepare water for the needs of hot water (52 ° C), as well as to prepare for the needs of the water cooling / reheating system(in winter).
тепловой насос для горячей воды
тепловой насос  горячая воды
Тепловой насос для горячей воды

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