Heat pump series R-series is more expensive than the difference for the same heat output

Yes indeed, the price difference is about 40% less, but it is significantly different pumps and solve different problems, and it's unlike the series R:

1. This heat pump can operate in three modes heating / cooling and hot water. The set is available in three two-way valves with actuators.

2. In this heat pump new plastichaty better performance than the previous shell and tube

3. Inside the heat pump circulation pump with electronic control that reduces the electricity consumption zngachitelno

4. The new controller allows you to control an additional source of heat, such as a solar collector.

5. Comes with safety group and a complete set of temperature sensors

6. Inside the heat pump is installed on the new el.kotel 3 kW with a digital controller.


All these innovations and development have improved and teplopriozvoditelnost S.O.P. heat pump, and of course his feeling of operation.

Why do we need a multi-tank? Is not it easier to put a separate boiler for hot water and buffer tank for heating?

Such multi-tank necessary and useful of course not in all cases it is installed. Here are the advantages: 1. The gain in space in the thermal step 2. Cheaper price works in the installation. 3. The possibility of summing up all sources of heat for both heating and domestic hot water, explain, for example, you bet only on the boiler buffer and then you help in heating the house is only for heating, or if you connect the boiler tank indirect heating, there will be only preparing hot water. 4. Easier to control the temperature in a single container, use a simple controller. 5. Availability of heaters in the tank eliminates the need for a boiler for heating and hot water.

But of course it is possible to put and separate tanks in thermal units.

If you put an air source heat pump as it will run below 25C?

At temperatures below 25 ° C Automatic shut off the heat pump itself and the subsequent incorporation will at -20C. During the period when the heat pump does not work or works with low power in the system is required to provide an additional heat source - either a small diesel boiler or solid fuel boiler is, or as an alternative heating elements or electric boiler. It should be understood that such an additional heat source will run one or two weeks at strong frosts.

How do I choose a heat pump, ground or air?

Selection of the heat pump depends on many parameters. Important stability power, temperature control in the region, the desired functional area of the house and your budget.

For example, if your home has a stable electrical supply, temperature in winter the average in the region of -5 degrees Celsius, building area of about 150 square meters, and in the summer you would like to receive from the heat pump cold, you will approach the air source heat pump. We recommend to apply for the selection of equipment to our experts by filling out the form Callback in the upper right corner of the site.

Feasibility study on the use of heat pumps