Low-temperature air invertor DanHeat AEVH-42V5DB heat pump with the EVI technology system of injection of steam in the compression camera












Short description:


Granted power:

7/35 to °C: up to 15,5 kV
- 7/35 °C: up to 12,5 kW
- 15/35 °C: up to 10,7 kW
- 15/45 °C: up to 10,9 kW

Max. power consumption is 4,3 kW
The device has high-quality components:
Power supply: 380 V
Range of working temperatures in the heating mode:-25 … +33 °C
Range of working temperatures in the chilling mode: 0 … +55 °C

Max. temperature of heating: 55 °C

Refrigerant type: Freon R410A

Price for a full complect

8 365 $.

Тепловой насос DanHeat

As you know, the main lack of inverter heat pump is small temperature ranges of operation. The minimum temperature of external air in case of which thermal pump will effectively function constitutes 10C - 12C, then it is reduced almost to COP 1.5. When technology EVI added an additional line of hot gas injection into the compressor.

If temperature of external air decreases, the four-tradable valve established in the line of injection of hot gas opens.  Forward-section of the hot gas injection line is rather small. Hot gas is introduced into the compressor and into the compression cavity. This increases the efficiency of compression.

Тепловой насос DanHeat
Тепловой насос DanHeat


It is known that heat pump capacity decreases when the ambient temperature falls. Especially at temperatures below -7 ℃, the heat pump is able to provide less than 50% of nominal capacity. With the latest technology «EVI technology», heatFUL block can always provide your home stable heat output as well as minimize the energy consumption in the cold winter. Moreover, with the technology DC of the inverter can adjust its operating speed in accordance with the requirements of the heating automatically to optimize the efficiency of the whole system during the year.


EVI technology benefits

- Wide temperature range of operation of the heat pump.
- Steam injection provides a 20% performance increase heat pump.
- Using technology EVI ensures increase in the energy efficiency of the heat pump.

Тепловой насос DanHeat
Тепловой насос DanHeat