Low-temperature air invertor DanHeat AVH-36V1 thermal pump


Short description:

Granted power:

7/35 ° C: up to 12.6 kV

-7/35 ° C: up to 9 kW

Built-in electric heater 3kW

Inverter compressor

Touch control panel

Many built-in functions:

Installation of separate temperature schedules for underfloor heating and


Setting the temperature curve for the automatic temperature control supply

Function climate control

Mode "Leave"

Mode "Dream" with a decrease in energy consumption

and noise

A wide range of the connected equipment:

circulation pumps of various heating systems, alternative sources of

thermal energy, etc.

Range of working temperatures in the heating mode:

- 25 … +33 °C

Range of working temperatures in the chilling mode:

0 … +55 °C

Max. heating temperature: 52 ° C

Refrigerant type: R410A freon

COP *:

7/35 ° C: 4

-7/35 ° C: 3,07

* COP is specified with a nominal frequency of operation of the compressor – 56 Hz



Тепловой насос

Price for a full complect

7 600 $.


Тепловой насос DanHeat
Тепловой насос DanHeat


Curve - Heating

Using own curve, users can configure the system according to their optimum level of comfort depending on the desire for heat. You can configure temperature of the heating output based on the ambient temperature, in order to ensure optimum comfort in living rooms.


Room Temperature Control
Besides the control the heating temperature curve, users may also choose to control heating depending on the room temperature. In this mode, the heat pump will control the water temperature at the outlet and to work towards achieving and maintaining the set temperature in the room.


Control temperature sensor
Users can connect a room temperature sensor that allows to regulate temperature in heating system depending on the desired room temperature and the actual room temperature.


Automatic heating/cooling, switch

The heat pump provides to the user complete automatic work of system. The user can choose for installation in this mode function on the basis of the external temperature, room temperature or an entrance signal from external devices.


Built-in vacation mode

Allows users to configure the system so that the system worked for a minimum of energy consumption in the absence of the user hosts, it is possible to program the start and end of their vacation. Upon return from leave, the system will set a comfortable temperature and  hot water.


Sleep mode

In this mode, the system regulates the water outlet temperature or the room temperature to save energy and reduces the noise level during operation by reducing the speed of the compressor and fan motor for optimal sleep comfort.


Regulation of power consumptio

When this function is activated, the user can configure the operation of the heat pump and double electricity tariff. Including thus at night to higher consumption, and in the daytime less. This gives the maximum savings of electrical energy.


Hot water

Hot water should have the highest priority in any heating system (if enabled). The heat pump offers an advanced 2-stage heating, which would better meet the heating requirements. The user can select the option to start the system: 1) high temperature sanitary hot water when the heating load is low; 2) medium temperature sanitary hot water when the heating load is high.

Тепловой насос DanHeat
Тепловой насос DanHeat
Тепловой насос DanHeat
Тепловой насос DanHeat
Тепловой насос DanHeat
Тепловой насос DanHeat