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Why people choose heat pumps DanHeat?

Independent , non-polluting , efficient and cost-effective heating of the house

Use of traditional gas, solid fuel, electric boilers - is not the best way to create a reliable and effective system of heating and hot water in a private home. This has convinced many homeowners in every corner of our country. Rigid dependence on the availability and cost of energy is becoming an important reason to look for an alternative way of heating, study the experience of European countries. Therefore, even with a good electricity and gas supply in the regions - Moscow and St. Petersburg - heating systems using alternative heat sources caused great interest and are gradually becoming ever more popular. On the periphery, where the central gas supply is limited or simply not available, the question "How to heat a private house?" - One of the most acute and urgent. A reliable solution is!


We use a valuable experience : alternative heating systems

The heat pump is a relatively recently appeared in the Russian market of engineering decisions and is considered a very exotic equipment. At the same time, it is with the help of heat pumps, owners of private homes around the world for more than four decades, providing their homes and offices with heat and hot water. In Europe, North America, Canada, even in harsh environments Heat pumps are an excellent job with their task. It is noteworthy that this is a universal HVAC equipment can serve both for heating and hot water and air conditioning. Convenient and practical. The most important advantage of the heat pump - it autonomous operation based on alternative renewable energy sources, which are literally everywhere. Sources dissipate heat very much, it's soil, water, air. The heat pump is able to select this heat and transfer it to the heating system, converted into heat for your home. Wherever your site, regardless of the climate zone and the lack of pipeline, heating a house with a heat pump is available everywhere! Choose a solution, the effectiveness of which has already been confirmed by millions of users.


How to heat a private home without gas?

Our company offers modern innovative technologies - heat pumps DanHeat. The successful outcome of cooperation between the Russian engineering company and Scandinavian concern came to the domestic market as recently as 2014. This is - an undoubted achievement in the field of energy saving technologies. Heat pump DanHeat fully covers the needs of the private homes of any area in the heat, hot water, and can also support the heating of the pool water and heating of winter gardens, greenhouses, hothouses, providing air conditioning facilities in the summer. The cost of such a decision are often less than the use of conventional gas boiler.

Our specialists have extensive experience in the implementation of heating systems based on heat pumps DanHeat, get qualification of knowledge in the training centers of the manufacturer. This ensures our customers professional selection of the heat pump required power, its competent installation, design and installation of the entire heating system (if applicable - the integration into the existing heating system, installation of bivalent systems), commissioning. Call and order!


Heat pump - what's the catch?

The information presented on our website, will get acquainted with the operation of the heat pump heating system to study the scheme of the alternative heat sources and calculate the economic impact of the use of the heat pump for heating and cooling your home.

Learn about the advantages of heat pumps to obtain detailed advice on all matters can contact our specialists by phone or by filling out the form directly on the site. We offer customized engineering solutions with all the features of operation of a private house.

Heat pump DanHeat - is your guarantee of independence, reliability, economic efficiency. Often this is the only way to make your home warm in a remote corner of the country.


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