Mozhaisk district, village Lubenko

About the object:


Two-storey house made by the tecnology "passive house", with a total area of 200m. sq.

  • House from foam blocks, walling thickness of 500 mm. with the penopolisterol insulation.

  • House belongs to the class of "passive houses", the specific heat capacity per square meter of 10 W / m.

Contractor of Utilities construction: company "Smart House NN"

About engineering communications:

The total heat load on the heating and hot water is about 8 kW, and power consumption of up to 3 kW.

  • As the main source of heat for the needs of DHW, heating and air conditioning during the summer heat pump uses inverter DanHeat system "water-air" series R

  • Volume of DHW boiler - 400 liters.

  • In the house we usey the heating system "warm" floor.

  • For ventilation and oxygen supply of facilities installed in the building supply unit, also by a combination of a low-temperature heat pump cooling system in the house during the hot season.

  • It is apply weather-automatics FlowTherm.

2010 - present

2010 - present