Kamchatka. "Growing House"

Performed by partner Ltd "Energy Kam"

About the object:


Two-storey house from LGSF (Lidht Gauge Steel Framing), total area of 200 sq.m.

EEC (Energy-efficient core):

  • The geometric center of the building is EEC. Thus, in the center of the building there are engineering communications and access to all the rooms, also in the area of core there is a vertical connection between floors, access to the roof and into the attic. Central location the core caused by the simplification of wiring and connection of communications, minimizing of heat loss.

  • In drawing up the plan is just unchanged location of EEC.

  • Blocks of rooms are installed around the perimeter EEC.

  • While building up the second floor, just built up and the EEC.

Features of the house

 A special feature of the building is the possibility of increasing the area of the first floor and superstructure of second. In this case roof and foundation of a minimum (basic) equipment made on the maximum growth option and do not require for reconstruction of the expansion of the building.


 The design of the foundation is the possibility of an extension of summer (unheated) spaces, such as terraces, conservatories, garages, etc. 

About engineering communications

The total heat load for heating, hot water and heating ventilation is 14.3 kW, and power consumption of 1.5 kW.

  • As the heat sources used inverter heat pumps DanHeat systems "water-air" series R and series B, combining of these two series has significantly lower capital costs of engineering communications, without sacrificing the quality of the system.

  • As the heat accumulator tank and hot water boiler (hot water) applied multifunctional buffer capacity DanHeat MWT-500 C.

  • In the house is used combined heating water "warm" floors and low-temperature panel radiators.

  • For ventilation and oxygen supply facilities it is installed in the building air handling units with heat recovery, as well as by a combination of a low-temperature heat pump cooling system the house during the hot season. The ability to build air conditioning systems, air purifier.

  • As an additional source of heat provides a fireplace with a water heat exchanger, as well as heating elements are built into the heat pump and multifunctional buffer tank.

2010 - present

2010 - present