Kamchatka, Ust-Kamchatsky

About the object:


• Design of the village in Ust-Kamchatsky. Requires a special approach to the design and implementation of energy saving measures.
Contractor for the design:"Smart home company NN"

About engineering communications:

1. Living house is designed on two and three bedroom flats on the principle of townhouse


2. Entrance to each flat - individual (from an end face of the building).


3. The project provides for use of renewable thermal energy in addition to the traditional (electricity and wood). In the foundation laid the low temperature heat pump by system "water-air" for the needs of heating, air-conditioning and hot water together with solar thermal collectors.


4. As the peak agrevate it is use a fireplace with a water circuit and heating elements mounted in a multi-tank. Fire is used as an emergency source of heat, together with a diesel generator.


5. In the house is used a combined heating system as water "warm" floors as low-temperature panel radiators.


6. These integrated solutions allow to realize the project without summarizing complex and expensive heat and gas supply and to make every home energy efficient and self-sufficient.


2010 - present

2010 - present