Multifunction buffer tank DanHeat 300 MWT-R. Volume of 300 liters. Series R


Price for a full complect:

- Expansion
- Two heating elements on 3 kW with thermostats
- Security group
- Mounting kit


3 180 $.


Discount price please call..

Used for simultaneous use as buffer reservoir of a home heating system, boiler for hot water and electric boiler
Short description:

Volume: 500 liters
-height: 1 535mm
-diameter: 700mm
Weight: 95 kg.
Capacity of exchanger №1: 3 kW.
Capacity of exchanger №2: 13 kW.
Built-in heater: 2 pcs of 3 kW
Max. operating pressure: 10 bar
Max. water temperature: 75 ° C

The broad tank, group of safety, arm and the pipeline in thermal insulation is included in the package of delivery


We have developed a series of tanks R especially for heating systems in private homes.
We have divided the tank temperature is now at the top will always hot water, and at the bottom of the tank is necessary temperature to heat your home.
Now you can install a tank and no longer think of the boiler or heating boiler, it is all there. All heating elements with thermostats, you can put a comfortable temperature independently and it is possible to connect many sources of heat to a tank- heat pump, solar panels, pellet boiler or diesel, also a fireplace with a water heat exchanger.


You can make an Installation of tank by yourself with detailed instruction



Essential difference of this series, except delivery of an additional set, this is a System of post-heating the DHW in the top of the tank, while maintaining a high performance COP of the heat pump. There is an opportunity to heat capacity separately to a high temperature for hot water of more than 70 ° C and for example for Underfloor heating 30-32° C, and not necessarily from the heat pump.

The flowing heating of hot water through the 40-meter coil.

Additional heat exchanger for connection of the solar collector.

Two built-in Heater power 3kW at the top and the bottom of the tank.

Expansion tank and safety in the kit.

Additional exits for a high-temperature power source.

Separate inputs and outputs for Underfloor heating, radiators and heat pump, grouped according to the temperature distribution in layers.