The flowing heating of hot water through the 40-meter coil.
Additional heat exchanger for the connection of a solar collector or furnace, fireplace.
Built-in heater power 3kW at the top of the tank.
Expansion vessel and safety group included.
Additional outputs for the high temperature energy source.
Separate inputs and outputs for Underfloor heating, radiators and heat pump, grouped according to the temperature distribution in layers.

Multifunction buffer tank DanHeat MWT 500C. Volume of 500 liters. Series C.


Price for a full complect:

- expansion tank
-two heating elements on 3 kW with thermostat
- security group


2 990 $.

Used for simultaneous use as buffer reservoir of a home heating system and boiler for hot water
Short description:
Volume: 500 liters
Height: 1 535mm
Diameter: 700 mm
Weight: 120 kg.
Capacity of exchanger №1: 3 kW.
Capacity of exchanger №2: 13 kW.
Built-in heater:  2 pcs for 3 kW
Max. operating pressure: 10 bar
Max. water temperature: 75 ° C
бак, бак косвенного нагрева, буфер, тепловой насос, вместо котла, отопление