Zelenograd. "House with the prefix ECO"

                                                                                Developer: LLC "AlpBau"

                                                     Contractor of Utilities construction: OOO "Smart House NN"

About the object:


Two-storey house from high quality laminated veneer lumber, a total area of 240 sq. m.

  • House is insulated from the inside with sawdust, the total thickness of the wall is 360 mm., 160 mm. - Laminated veneer lumber, 200 mm. - Backfilling of sawdust.

  • House belongs to a class of "energy-efficient buildings", the specific heat capacity per square meter of 15-20 W / m.

Two-storey garage for two cars, built on the technology of frame house-building with total area of 160 sq. m.


About engineering communications:

The total heat load for heating, hot water and heating ventilation is approximately 25 kW, and power consumption of up to 5 kW.

  • As the main source of heating it is used three fuel (pellets, diesel fuel, wood) boiler Wirbel ECO-CK Plus 35 kW. Main fuel - Pillet, back - diesel.

  • As a source of heat for the needs of DHW (domestic hot water) and air conditioning in the summer used an inverter heat pump DanHeat system "water-air" series R

  • As the heat accumulator tank is applied thermally insulated container of 1000 l.and also boiler DHW volume of 500 l.

  • In the house is used the heating system "warm" floor, the garage is heated with low-temperature panel radiators.

  • For ventilation and oxygen supply facilities it is installed in the house air handling units with heat recovery and also by a combination of a low-temperature heat pump cooling system the house during the hot season.

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2010 - present

2010 - present